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Church Security and Radio Communications, Doing It The Right Way

Posted by Midwest 2 Way on 12/24/2018 to News
Church Security and Radio Communications, Doing It The Right Way
Who would have thought that in this day and age we would be discussing security and communications within a church? In recent years we have seen shootings, threats and some of the most vulgar graffiti and vandalism to our places of worship. For years we have seen burglaries and robberies in churches.

Does your church have safeguards in place to protect those that come to worship? Even the smallest church should consider how to best provide security and comfort to your flock. We all want our place of worship to always be open and inviting to those in need. How do we go about meeting the needs of those in troubled times and yet keep our pastor and administrative staff and followers safe from harm?

While Midwest 2 Way Communications is not in the security business, we do deal on a daily basis with public safety agencies and understand some of the tools that can help protect our men in blue from harm as well as medical and first responders and how they are able to be efficient and safe as they perform their work with the public.

One tool used by Police is a solid and reliable communication tool, two-way radios. The two-way radio provides the officer with instant communication with their dispatcher and other officers when dealing with situations that may require additional assistance, or just basic inquiries as to who what when and where. Your staff within your church should have the same level of instant communication as our men in blue do.

The task, understanding what type of radio system does your church need? Many churches and even businesses have gone down the road procuring two-way portable radios only to find that the cheap little walkie talkies sold at the local Wal-Mart seem to hear everyone from the local box store, kids in the neighborhood as well as the issue with have secure and private conversations, since many churches are in neighborhoods.

From providing communications to your security team, be one or half a dozen members to protecting your parking/valet team, daycare during services, special activities on the property to caravans that may be traveling with 2 or more cars and being in touch as you travel off site.

Midwest 2 Way Communications is offering a seamless end to end radio system based on the needs of your church. Our team will evaluate your coverage area; the number of radios needed and manage all the required legal fees and policies with the FCC, ensuring your church is following the requirements placed upon them, making sure the radios will reach every square foot of your property, as well as if needed extended coverage off church grounds. Our team will also assist your staff with proper radio procedures, go over how to keep your communications secure to prying ears, and what accessories will assist your staff to use the radios effectively.

Help with the finer of details involving security are also available from Law Enforcement, ask how we can help you with a security evaluation as well (Note this is not affiliated with Midwest 2 Way Communications, but we do trust the great people we would refer your way).