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Icom F5021 VHF Two-Way 128 Channel 45 Watt VHF Mobile Radio 136-174 MHZ
Icom F5021 VHF Two-Way 128 Channel 45 Watt VHF Mobile Radio 136-174 MHZ

Icom F5021 VHF 128 Channel 45 Watt VHF Mobile

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Icom F5021 VHF 128 Channel 45 Watt VHF Mobile 136-174 MHZ

The ICOM F5021 mobile radio series is ideal for small-to-mid sized systems from public safety, fire, police, medical or EMA. The ICOM F5021 is also well suited for large industry to light commercial users such as farming, hospitality or transportation. The F5021 series offers multiple signaling, advanced scanning, improved external channel control capability and wide frequency coverage packed in a compact body. This rugged VHF mobile easily exceeds your expectations with its reliable performance and communication quality.

Channels: 128 channels, 8 zones
Output Power: 45W
Frequencies: 136-174 MHz
Programmable Keys: 6
Front Mounted Speaker
4 watts (typ.) front mounted speakers delivers clear and loud audio. With the speaker facing the operator, audio can be clearly heard without impediment during operations.

MIL Grade Rugged Construction
The tough aluminum die-cast chassis and polycarbonate front panel have been tested to the MIL standard 810F. With this heavy-duty construction, the F5021 series provides reliable operation over the long term in all manners of rugged environments.

Most Popular Signalings Built-in
Use the built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS capabilities as standard to set up your own talk groups, PTT ID and quiet stand-by when others are talking. The F5021 series has added CTCSS/DTCS high speed decode and 2-Tone decode accuracy.

MDC 1200 Compatible
The following MDC features are available with the built-in MDC signaling.

Radio check (RX)
Radio stun (RX)
Radio revive (RX)
Emergency TX/RX (No ACK)
5 alias table (max.)
Multiple 2-Tone, Multiple 5-Tone
Multiple 2-Tone, Multiple 5-Tone Up to ten 2-Tone and eight 5-Tone codes can be decoded on a channel. When a matched tone is received, the following items are programmable for each code.

Beep sound
Answer back
Bell icon

Radio Kill, Stun and Revive

The radio kill/stun functions disable a lost or stolen radio over the air, eliminating security threats from undesired listeners. When the stun command is received, all functions will be temporarily locked out until the revive command is received or the unlock password is entered.

Lone Worker Function
When the radio is not operated for a present period, the radio sounds a beep and requires you to push any button. If the radio is still not operated for a specified wait period, an emergency signal automatically transmits and informs co-workers that something may have happened to the individual worker.

Mode Dependent Scan
In the mode dependent setting, the scanning setting is dependent on the operating channel. When you change the operating channel the scanning list automatically changes the list set for that channel. It is convenient when you move to a different operating area and change operating channel, you don't have to change the scanning setting.

Tx Channel Setting and Talk Back Function
The Tx channel setting allows you to program a transmission channel while scanning. Start channel, last detected channel, priority and preprogrammed channels are selectable. Prior to the Tx channel setting, the talk back function allows you to talk on the last detected channel, while scanning resumes after a preset time. The user can easily make a quick response with this function.

Optional Unit
The 5021 series has a 40 pin option slot for adding an optional unit. Optional voice scrambler units, UT-109R or UT-110R provide secure private conversation. Optional DTMF decoder unit, UT-108R offers DTMF decode capability.
External memory Channel Control with Optional ACC Cable

With the optional OPC-1939 D-SUB 15-pin ACC cable, the F5021 series can be programmed to control an operating channel from an external device (up to 16 preprogrammed channels). The ACC connector also provides an ignition sensing function, external PTT, PC command, honk honk, audio output and modulated signal input depending on programming.

Other Features
Wide/narrow (25/12.5kHz) channel spacing
Embedded ESN
±2.5ppm frequency stability
Microphone hanger action programmable
8 DTMF autodial memories
Power-on password function
Nuisance delete function
Time-out-timer, lock-out penalty timer and more

OPC1132: DC Power Cord
HM152: Standard Microphone for Low/mid range
Mounting Bracket and Misc. Screws/Hardware

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