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Nationwide 2-Way

True Nationwide Two-Way Coverage
No longer is your team restricted by the boundaries of your conventional or trunked 2-way radio system. Realize coverage from Coast to Coast, use your handheld in Bangor Maine while speaking to a team member driving down Pico Blvd in Los Angeles with a mobile, discussing last minute details via your two-way radio, in traffic, and completely legal as opposed to a cellular phone call.

The combination of 2-way radio with the cellular infrastructure equals near 100% coverage for your team. Enjoy the clarity of clear, static-free voice communications with our digitally enabled radios from Midwest 2-Way Communications.

Low-Cost Initial Setup
Compared to conventional or trunked digital radio systems, our low-cost digital two-way radios are dramatically lower in price than regular local and regional radio systems. There are no FCC licensing fees (a savings of $500 or more to coordinate), scale as you grow and scale back when you have seasonal staff.

The initial investment into a nationwide mobile or portable radio is normally 1/3 of the cost of a similarly priced DMR trunked radio. All communication is encrypted, unable to be listened in on with any scanner on the market at this time. Know your team is secure in repeating or asking for sensitive information.

Distracted Driver Fines
Don't let your company or employees be a victim of a Distracted Driver Enforcement program because your team needed to answer their phone while driving. Our equipment is exempt from the DOT and FMCSA regulations as well as state laws on using a communication device while driving.

GPS tracking
With our PC/Desktop application you can see in real-time the location of any team member. Follow the route, see how much time is spent on a stop or service call. With location tracking, dispatching becomes much more efficient and allows the closest, qualified personal on location in minutes instead of hours. You can set a GEO -Fence to be alerted when a team member is outside their assigned area.

No Obligation Demo
Midwest 2-Way Communications believes in the usability of our nationwide service we are offering a no-obligation demo. We are confident you will find coverage is almost everywhere you and your team will travel.

Utilize Current Equipment
Our Nationwide Service allows you to build into you system, start with a few portables or mobiles and utilize your PC/Desktop with our Windows dispatch app. We also offer a smartphone app that works in conjunction with our nationwide network.